01 September 2011

Pretty's Got Nothing To Do With It.

Yes, I've always been a tomboy. My Dad taught me a 'paratrooper roll' (which he learned as an Army paratrooper during his service) when I was probably a tween, just in case I fell out of the maple tree...because no matter how many times Mom yelled me out of the tree, I just kept climbing. I dreamed of having a huge Lion-L train set when I was little, which I wasn't allowed because I was a girl. I wanted SO badly to learn how to mow the lawn, which Dad was eager to teach me, but which Mom vetoed..because I was a girl. I got away with what I could. The high dive at Darlington, no matter how many heart attacks it gave Mom. Weight training instead of 'aerobics'. Whatever.

I've never been anti-girly, though, either. I used my fair share of pan-stick and hairspray back in Ye Olde Eighties. I squeezed into corseted court gowns in the SCA and flirted with the best of them, even as I practiced Heavy Weapons with the gents. I think Strong and Womanly are a perfect fit.

And I have a daughter now. She's six. And I want her to do everything. But even if she doesn't WANT to do everything, I want her to know that she *can*. 

An ad for a big department store chain here has come under fire for selling a tee-shirt for girls that says something like, "I'm so pretty I don't have to do homework. My brother does it for me." Um..cringe? I sort of get the funny, but on the other hand...well, cringe.

And then a wonderful Mom-conceived, Mom-owned business I've purchased from in the past puts out not just a blog post or a rant or whatever about the controversial tee..they put out the anti-tee. An awesome, girl-strong tee shirt (which, coincidentally, is their most attractive design to date - by far!) that I can't wait to get on my little girl. So awesome that I had to share it with you. Here she is, new from Pigtail Pals:

Pretty's Got Nothing To Do With It: http://www.pigtailpals.com/

 And isn't she lovely?

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