11 July 2011

Hey, how about a giveaway??

I just noticed a count of '11' followers on my recently revived blog - on today, the 11th of July. Neat-o! Feels like time for a mini-celebration, and I happen to have here a beautiful (soon to be reviewed here ;) ) paperback edition of Dragonspell, by Donita K. Paul, which would love to find a new home with someone who would love to add it to his or her summer reading collection.

Dragonspell is a light-read, enjoyable fantasy book (first of a series) that will feel familiar to anyone who's read stories written in the classic 'questing party' style, or perhaps played a little Dungeons and Dragons. It's marketed to the Christian YA crowd - but you certainly don't need to be Christian to enjoy it, as long as a little clerical moralizing here and there doesn't offend you. The characters are fun and engaging, and I certainly wouldn't be holding it out to you as a 'prize' if it wasn't one :).

Would you like a chance to win? Then help me make a dozen and beyond by 'following' (right side of the page) this blog, encouraging friends who may be interested to do the same, and then posting below that you'd like a chance to win the book. If you're already following, just comment below and you're in the running. I'll post an 'end date' for the giveaway with my full review tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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